June 21 2013 Farewell to Our FREEHELP Blue Birds in Kakogawa.

Hello everyone! :)

Please have a look of this picture below.

FREEHELP in Kakogawa
FREEHELP in Kakogawa

This is a huge signboard of Free Help store in Kakogawa.

You can find some blue birds in the paint work.

They are the symbol of FREEHELP.

 This work of art was painted by a well-known Japanese artist Seitaro Kuroda whose works are given various prizes for his powerful appeals for peace.

Mr.Kuroda's painting our signboard.
Mr.Kuroda's painting our signboard.

How meaningful his work is, isn't it.

This work attracts passenger's attention a lot and gives calm atomosphere for entire VERDE MALL, a shopping street in the south of Kakogawa station where our store is located.

 Now, let us bring up the profile of Seitaro Kuroda.

He was born in Osaka in 1939.

His energetic and powerful personality shows himself more attractive.

He is renowned as an illustrator and also a graphic designer.

Through creating fine arts, he got a lot of awards internationally.

Briefly speaking, he is a great artist.

By the way, if you are in or from Kansai region, the west side of Japan, you must be familiar with this logo.

These are the Kuroda designed stickers of FM802, a commercial radio station broadcasting on 80.2 FM to Kansai region.

 Furthermore, his strong appeal for peace is shown in his art works.

Please have a look again our signboard design picture below.

So what does the combination of the 2 flasks mean?

Each flasks are coloured in blue and red, and written upside down each other. 

In my opinion, the red one seems to be the mushroom-shaped smoke caused after the tragic event happens.

 For the other example of the location of Mr. Kuroda's works in Hyogo prefecture, you can find one at HOSINOKOYAKATA Youth Nature Hall in Himeji city.

In most of his works, you can notice the existence of birds as if he enthrusts his birds with his wish for peace.

Unfortunately, one of his great and peaceful design of FREEHELP store in Kakogawa will be lost soon after our Kakogawa brunch store closes.

How sad it is! I cannot stop crying!

The removal of this signboard will be inevitable, since the sign is painted on the wall directly.

However, we will do our best for conservating our meaningful signboard.

Incidentally, the interior of our Kakogawa branch store is like this.

The interior of FREEHELP in Kakogawa

Is this like a Boutique Parisienne in France, n'est-ce pas?

To our delight, we often have overseas guests and volunteers who live around Kakogawa city.

In the United states and in Europeern countries, for example, there are much more charitable activities and people who are energetic for volunteer events than Japan: we must pay respect to the people and welcome to our store.

Why don't you come and stop by our FREEHELP store?

And let's take a look at Mr. Kuroda's amazing art design thinking about the meaning of PEACE.