May 16 2013 A Newsflash! Our New Store!

Hello everyone!  :)

Our long-cherished wish has been fulfilled at last: we will start a new branch store in Shin-Nagata, Kobe, which is managed collaborating with a NGO group.

This new co-managed store will have two sections: one purpose for an old clothes store for aiming to make charitable activities and another for a counceling center for single mothers and poor children as if a temporary nursery and a consultation clinic.

The former project, an old clothes dealer, will be handled by our FREEHELP group,  and the latter counceling facility will be run by Women's Net Kobe, a NGO group for helping single mothers and children who have troubles.

We are now under preparation for running our recycle clothes store just same as our stores in Kakogawa, and also for making  a place of recreation and relaxation for women who have gone through DV, domestic violent.

Furthermore, this place would give helping hands as a gathering where such people who have common problems and hardships can meet and talk each other and also a workplace for them with warm consideration and understanding for their situation.

We start preparing from June 1st, and it's planned in the end of July or August 1st that our new branch store will be opened.

As same as our charitable stores in Kakogawa, our FREEHELP in SHIN-NAGATA will be managed through profits from selling and collecting recycle clothes.

We definitely need your help in donating reusable clothes.

If you have clothes you don't need anymore, we happily accept them and surely use them for helping people.

More details about our new store, Ms. Wakamatsu, a bloggins staff, will tell you soon.

Please check it out!  :)