August 1 2013 Grand Opening of FREEHELP Store in Nagata

Finally, our new FREEHELP Store in Nagata is opened today.  :)


This store mainly supports for women and children suffering from the Domestic Violence issue through the profit from its old-cloth sale.  Furthermore in the Nagata store, we sets a counceling room for women in trouble with DV and the room is comanaged with "WOMEN'S NET KOBE", an organization tackling with the DV problems for more than two decade.

Preparations for grand opening had been processed perfectly, including the decoration fo the interior of store with Seitaro Kuroda's art works whose works earn a reputation due to his strong appeal for peace.  More information about Mr. Kuroda is in the article of June 21.

Here is a photo of the reading room for children while their mothers have consultation in FREEHELP store in Nagata.


On the wall of the room, you can find a design work created by a Japanese calligrapher called 'Wakkun'.  This message written in Japanese mean "we live in the same world"; we are the one and should help each other.


We hope our FREEHELP Store in Nagata could offer helphands for people in trouble.