August 12 2013 Detail about FREEHELP Store Nagata

Thank you for visiting our August 1st article.  :)

We make an important announcement today.

Our new FREEHELP store in Nagata is finally opened this month.


The opening of this store is our long cherished desire.

It will take an significant role in our activities.


Now let us introduce our new Nagata store.

It is located in a shopping mall named "ASUTA KUNIZUKA 1st Building".


This mall is accessible with 10 minute-walk from JR Shin-Nagata station to the south.  While on your way to our store, you can see the front-side of a huge Anime character statue of "Tetsujin 28-go".


After 10 minute walking under an arcade of shopping street, you can find ASUTA KUNIZUKA 1st Building where our new FREEHELP store is located.


In the first floor of "ASUTA KUNIZUKA Building 1st", you can find our newly opened FREEHELP Store after keeping on your way across the escalator of its ground floor.


And then, you will find FREEHELP Store Nagata.

A map for FREEHELP Nagata
Here is a map for our shop.
A diner of "Bokkake"
A diner of "Bokkake"

By the way, this shopping street is filled with appetizing smell of Kobe's famous local food "Bokkake", a japanese food with stewed sinewy meats and konjacs seasoned with soy sauce.


You should try it if you have a chance to visit this area.  ;)

Painting of FREEHELP Nagata
Painting of FREEHELP Nagata

This wallpaint was created by Ms. Nagahara, an artist of Takasago city.

How about customers in the grand opening day of our new store?


According to our brief research about customers of our Nagata store, they knew the information from articles of newspapers and from their friends.


In other words, they learned about our charitable activities and events for dealing with social problems.


Nagata area in Kobe is one of the most seriously damaged areas from the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995.


Through surviving against their common hardships from earthquakem, the people in Nagata area believes in the importance of cooperation, so their attitude toward charities is remarkable.

The main goal of FREEHELP Nagata store is to support a NGO group "Women's net Kobe" which helps women and children sufferring from Domestic Violence issues.


Threre are two ways for supporting such a worthwhile organization, donating your old clothes to our store and buying second-handed clothes sold at our store.  The benefit from your donation and purchase is directly alloted to support for organizations as "Women's net Kobe".

An Item on sale in FREEHELP Nagata
An Item on sale in FREEHELP Nagata

Furthermore, our FREEHELP Store does not consist only of charitable activities; as a fine old-clothes dealer, we can provide you enjoyable shopping time with our wide assortment of FREEHELP Store.


It must surpass your expectation! :)


In addition to its apparel shop use, there is a reading space for children.  This calm and soothing place lets children read donated picture books while their parents browse about the shop.


On the wall of this space, an illustrator Katsumi Okejima contributed his interesting artwork.

Still more artworks are found in our FREEHELP Store.


These are the designs created by Seitaro Kuroda whose work is used as a signboard of FREEHELP Store in Kakogawa.  Why don't you visit our store to appreciate these interesting works.

Our FREEHELP Nagata store awaits your visit.


And if you have old clothes which you do not use anymore, these clothes are treasure for us to support NGOs and to solve social problems.


One requirement for donation of used-clothes is to washed them before bringing to our shop.


Basically, we are glad to accept everything as donation.  Especially old-clothes , bags and shoes are preferable.  Your donation must be a helphand for someone else.


Next time, we will introduce a NGO "Women's Net Kobe".


Thank you for reading this article.  See you!  :)