FREEHELP is a NPO, non-profit organization, qualified by Japanese government.  We operates a charity shop which sells used clothes donated by members of public.


A charity shop, which is also named thrift shop and hospice shop, handles the items contributed by the public, and its profit is used for charities as if groups helping refugees of the 3.11 earthquake in Japan and children who cannot have enough education because of their poverty.


Such movement is getting active more and more recently.  In the US, for example, we can easily find charity shops anywhere just same as our FREEHELP store.

To achieve our goal.

We focus on the 4 points below to achieve our goal.

1. Glow the numbers of charity shops in Japan.


We will create more charitable shops as same as the stores in Kakogawa in order to spread the recognition of charities.


We started our FREEHELP store in Kakogawa in 2009.  And the second store in East-Kakogawa was opened as our head office in 2010.  The both of our stores is held for supporting home-less people through the profit from selling old clothes donated by the public.


Furthermore, in the August 1st in 2013, our new concept charity store "FREEHELP store in Nagata" is opened at Kobe.  This store aims to help women and children who suffer from DV issues, Domestic Violent, by its benefit from the second-handed clothes sale.

2.  To share ideas about how to start and manage charity shop.


No matter how eagerly we try to run charitable shops just all by ourselves, it is not enough to popularize this style of business to the public and give helphands to social problems: more charitable shops are required.


We happily share ideas for starting and managing charity shops to the people who are interested in such style of business.


Through sharing the information, we hope many more people start running their charity shops and helping charity organizations dealing with social problems. 


To tell the know-how about managing charity shops to the future business owners is one of our big goal.

3.  To support more charity groups.


One of our goal is to maximize the system of charity shop and try to support still more charity groups.  We sell used-clothes donated by the public people, and the profit from it is used for supporting charity organization tackling the social issues.

4.  To clarify our activity in support for resolving social problems.


If you are interested in charitable activities for solving social problems, using charity shop could be one familiar way to take part in because of its easiness: all you need to do is buying items in our stores and donating reusable clothes.


Furthermore, our stores clarify our activity and situation in supporting charitable organizations.  Through using FREEHELP shops, you can easily join in charities and grasp the information how your helphands give supports for the people in hardships.


Therefore, you can use our FREEHELP stores for joining in charity activities , meeting and sharing information with shop staffs and customers who are interested in social issues, and simply enjoy your shopping in our store.